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Be in Demand, Work As a Healthcare Professional

Demand for healthcare workers is growing as America’s population ages. In fact, health and medical professionals are in higher demand then ever. If you’re looking for a career where your skills can make a difference in someone’s life, healthcare might be a good fit for you. An online health and medical degree can prepare you for positions including:

Healthcare Reimbursement
Health Services Management
Medical Assistant
Medical Billing & Coding
Surgical Technologist
And More!

4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Healthcare Industry

Job Security – in today’s economy many industries are scaling back on employees. The

healthcare field on the other hand is experiencing enormous growth. The U.S. Department of Labor expects 4,700,000 new healthcare jobs to open up by 2014 partly due to the aging population.

Career Advancement Opportunities – it’s no surprise that it costs less to promote a current employee then to hire from outside. Often, employers will reimburse your educational expenses and even give you time off to attend classes so you can qualify for a higher-paying position.

You Can Make a Difference – One of the biggest benefits to working in the healthcare industry is that you have the opportunity to improve the quality of people’s lives. You can help to make the world a little healthier one day at a time.

Competitive Pay & Benefits – Salary of course is a big factor when considering a career. You’ll be happy to know that health care professionals are paid competitively. Benefits generally include health insurance, paid vacation, paid sick leave, pension plans and often educational reimbursement.