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Benefits of Getting Certified With CNA Certification in West Virginia

In the state of West Virginia, nurse aides are known as “Registered Long Term Care Nurse Aides”, instead of “Licensed Nurse Aides” or “Certified Nurse Aides” because the WV CNA Program only lists nursing assistants on the Registry. The responsibility to certify a nursing assistant who has successfully passed the competency evaluation test is entrusted upon the testing agent Professional Healthcare Development (PHD).

As a CNA in the WV, nursing assistants are permitted to work legally in a wide variety of health care settings. They can assist long-term care residents with the ADL (activities of daily livings) and provide direct patient care services in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, assisted living facilities, adult care centers, rehabilitation centres and homes of the patients. Although, WV ranks among the top ten states with worst nurse aide salaries, the advantages of getting certified with CNA Certification in the state far outpace the salary drawbacks including:

The state is passing through acute nursing shortages of all level nurses, including nursing assistants.

The percentage of veterans and older age population is very high in the state. 45 to 64 age group population constitute 29.2%, and 65 years and above age group people forms 16% of the total population, according to the US Census Bureau 2010 Population chart. Nurse Aides are trained, and qualified to meet the long-term care requirements of these veterans and senior citizens.

There are more than 84 certified facilities in the state including over 56 hospitals and clinics. These facilities constantly provide ample entry-level CNA job openings for different level positions.

The economic slowdown of the country has affected all sectors except the healthcare industry. The employments in other sectors are fast drying up, but healthcare field is providing abundant employment opportunities to CNAs, and other licensed nurses.

The job stability in the healthcare sector is exceedingly high in comparison to other sector employments.

The training program for becoming a certified nursing assistant is remarkably short, 120 hours that can be completed in 4-8 weeks.

At a time when WV citizens are passing through severe financial crisis due to the economic downturn, and finding it difficult to meet their day-to-day expenses, CNA jobs have come a blessing for them. CNA salary of $17,500 to $35,000 in WV is sufficient to meet basic family costs and sustainable living. The nursing students can easily get certified with WV CNA Certification and start earning a minimum respectable income needed for survival in the state.