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Changes Through Healthcare Reforms in Medical Insurance

Medical insurance in VA will face a lot of changes and alterations when the Affordable Care Act gets implemented and various clauses of this Act reach their starting date.

How residents of Virginia buy their health insurance policies depend upon many factors including level of medical coverage required, budget that can be spent, medical history, age, and area in which a consumers lives. However, the healthcare reforms brought about by Obama’s government is meant to make medical insurance more affordable to every citizen in the country, eliminating a lot of bottlenecks for the consumers.

While talking about health insurance in VA and changes that the healthcare reforms would bring, below are some immediate benefits:

– The small business segment is going to get huge benefits for offering affordable medical insurance to their employees. Around 109,000 small businesses in Virginia would be able to enjoy tax credit.

– There would be no lifetime limit that insurers in VA could impose on the consumers. 4.7 million Virginians with private medical insurance would not need worry about the same.

– When Virginians get sick, the companies can’t drop them from coverage. 344,000 individuals with medical insurance in VA would be benefitted by this law.

– The children in VA with pre-existing condition will not have to worry-the Act prohibits the insurers to make distinction based on pre-existing condition.

– Medical insurance plan’s annual limit will be regulated by new laws. Around 4.3 million Virginians would be protected through this change.

– The children would be able to stay in their parent’s health insurance plan till the age of 26 years. A lot of companies are already offering this option to the residents of VA. It is good to check with the insurers if any of dependent children was dropped from the policy due to overage.

– Virginia will be offered $113 million federal dollars to provide medical coverage to uninsured residents having pre-existing medical condition through a new risk-pool.

– Around 146 Community Health Centers in Virginia will get increased funding to provide better access of healthcare services. Community Health Centers cater to the needs of a major portion of Virginian population and it is encouraging to know that the government is paying attention to this aspect of healthcare.

– For the first time, Virginia will have the option of Federal Medicaid funding for coverage for all low-income populations, irrespective of age, disability, or family status.

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